Safety considerations when using a breast pump

Breastfeeding is an important phase of being a mother. It helps to build a strong and emotional bond with the baby as well as ensures that the baby is getting the purest form of feed, which is balanced, undiluted, hygienic and most nutritious. Some mother faces a very different situation that of having more milk than the baby can consume in one feed. So it is always wise to store this surplus breast milk by pumping it out and feeding the baby with a bottle, whenever she demands. It may be a good thing to do in case you have to go for an outing and want to leave your baby in a baby-sitter’s care.

The breast pump is a specialized device that can be fitted on the mother’s breast. With its suction method, it extracts the milk. A breast pump can be manual or battery operated. You can get the model as your preference and comfort. But there are certain things that you should know while using a breast pump. These safety considerations must be carefully followed to make sure that you and you baby remains healthy.

Purchase a new breast pump

Even if you are just trying this device out, don’t ever use a breast pump used earlier by someone else. You should not be tempted to save money and borrow it from a friend. Trust is another thing, but when it comes to your and your baby’s health, never compromise. Because if you do, you may get some infection and pass it on to your baby. So, always buy a new one for your use.

Use it when you are relaxed

Using the breast pump when you are in a hurry is not advisable. Milk extraction should be done with a calm mind and after ensuring that you have 20-30 spare minutes to devote to completely empty the stored milk in your breast.

Hygiene of the breast pump

It’s your baby who is going to feed on the extracted milk. You should use the pump and the collection bottle only after you sterilize it properly as advised through the manual of the breast pump. Improperly sterilized pump will become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria making the milk unfit for your baby. Always remember to clean the pump using soap solution in water after each use.

These are a few safety suggestions to get the best out of a breast pump. Follow them to give your baby the healthiest food offered by nature.