My flat iron shock


Up until recently, I straightened my hair with my 10-year old flat iron, which I got for my 18th birthday from my dear, old, grandma. While it had metallic plates and looked like it was pulled out of a fire, it did a good job, and I was always careful not to burn my hair, or the house, for that matter.

But all good things come to an end, so two weeks ago, I almost burned half my hair because of it. It started like a normal session: I plugged it, sectioned my hair, brushed the first strand, and just as I clamped the plates over it, I realized something wasn’t going the way it was supposed to. The plates were moving with difficulty over the hair, not smoothly as they usually did. I began to be a little worried, so I tried to pull the flat iron away, by releasing the plates, but I couldn’t. Some of the hair was stuck on one of the plates, as I could see in the mirror. By then, it had started to smell a little like burnt hair, and I didn’t want to take the risk, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the strand out. When I looked closer, I saw a big crack on that plate, and the hair was stuck in it. I guess someone in my house dropped it on the floor, but forgot to check or mention it.

Anyway, I now have to buy a new flat iron, and I don’t even know where to begin. The models these days are mind-blowing. You can choose between different plates materials, like titanium, or ceramics, and even tourmaline. They are supposed to distribute heat evenly and they release small particles that shut the cuticles, leaving the hair smoother. There are also a lot of different levels of heat, but my hair is quite thin, so I usually have to keep the temperature down to avoid damage. After the accident, I had to go with a shorter haircut, and I’m being told there are special flat irons for short hair. They have thinner plates, so they can grab the hair as close to the scalp as possible, and they make working on the back side much easier.

I guess I still have a lot to learn and I have to make a serious decision, as some of the models I’ve seen are pretty expensive. But a girl can always dream.

How to pick the perfect boat for your angling endeavors

Since two-thirds of this planet is covered by water, it’s no wonder fishing remains a top recreational activity among many people. Not only is a great stress reliever, but also an excellent way to go along with your fishing buddies in many outdoor trips.

However, it’s best to get a boat that suits your angling endeavors because it allows you to reach areas where it’s impossible to get by foot or other means of transportation. Basically, everything from lakes, harbors to islands, bays, and rivers require a recreational boat available for exploration.

Now, the first step is to establish the type of boat that suits your personal preferences and needs. From there, you can move on onto how often and for what you intend to use the boat for. These are the major aspects you need to determine prior to making a final decision.



Typically, there are three types of boating activities encountered among all anglers, such as fishing, cruising, and watersports.

If you opt for a fishing boat you should know that these are specially manufactured with open cockpits located in the back of the unit in order to ensure more space for the deck of the boat. In addition, the seating is a tad smaller on a fishing boat even though larger fishing boats provide cabins that can be used for staying overnight or in case the fishing trip lasts a few days.

Cruising boats, on the other hand, are suitable for events and trips that require space for several people. Moreover, they deliver an excellent performance, depending on whether they are day-only or have all the facilities needed for spending the night on board. Bowriders, for example, feature only space for small cruises during the day and don’t have enough space to put supplies and cabins where people can rest. Therefore, decide on the model you want to invest based on the frequency and period of time you need to use the boat.


The last type, watersports boats, are designed especially for extreme sports enthusiasts. If you’re into waterski or wakeboard, then this boat is definitely your top choice. Moreover, there boats of this kind, including inflatable fishing boats, that have all sorts of interesting features that come in handy for experienced watersports fans. Also, you can get a jet boat or a bowrider if you need more place to store your equipment.

Apart from the boat type, make sure to consider the size of the boat. If it’s bigger, the chances are that it is outfitted with cabins, kitchens, and toilets areas. However, the maintenance of the boat will surely be pricey and the operating system a little more complicated. Because going on a fishing trip with your boat is about fun and great memories, you should buy a boat that allows you to handle it even if you don’t have much experience.



Safety considerations when using a breast pump

Breastfeeding is an important phase of being a mother. It helps to build a strong and emotional bond with the baby as well as ensures that the baby is getting the purest form of feed, which is balanced, undiluted, hygienic and most nutritious. Some mother faces a very different situation that of having more milk than the baby can consume in one feed. So it is always wise to store this surplus breast milk by pumping it out and feeding the baby with a bottle, whenever she demands. It may be a good thing to do in case you have to go for an outing and want to leave your baby in a baby-sitter’s care.

The breast pump is a specialized device that can be fitted on the mother’s breast. With its suction method, it extracts the milk. A breast pump can be manual or battery operated. You can get the model as your preference and comfort. But there are certain things that you should know while using a breast pump. These safety considerations must be carefully followed to make sure that you and you baby remains healthy.

Purchase a new breast pump

Even if you are just trying this device out, don’t ever use a breast pump used earlier by someone else. You should not be tempted to save money and borrow it from a friend. Trust is another thing, but when it comes to your and your baby’s health, never compromise. Because if you do, you may get some infection and pass it on to your baby. So, always buy a new one for your use.

Use it when you are relaxed

Using the breast pump when you are in a hurry is not advisable. Milk extraction should be done with a calm mind and after ensuring that you have 20-30 spare minutes to devote to completely empty the stored milk in your breast.

Hygiene of the breast pump

It’s your baby who is going to feed on the extracted milk. You should use the pump and the collection bottle only after you sterilize it properly as advised through the manual of the breast pump. Improperly sterilized pump will become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria making the milk unfit for your baby. Always remember to clean the pump using soap solution in water after each use.

These are a few safety suggestions to get the best out of a breast pump. Follow them to give your baby the healthiest food offered by nature.


What is the best tent for camping

As an overall guideline, when wanting to purchase a tent for your own loved ones, always get one slightly larger than recommended. Thus, be cautious in getting a tent for it might not fir the area as well as the weather. When the weather is warm enough, you might prefer a tarp rather than a tent.

With almost all of the many choices out there in regards to buying a tent, it can occasionally be difficult figure out which specific tent will fit your requirements for the best cost. If you’re interested in purchasing a 6 person tent for a household camping trip, it is vital to understand and understand there are many factors that must definitely be considered just before making a purchasing decision. Once you understand where you’re headed and the number of men and women will undoubtedly be coming along, it is going to make it a lot simpler to know the kind of tent you must buy. The kind of tents these days are so large and spacious that they feel much like a second home, as they are seriously that comfortable.

Tents may make a major difference in your camping trip, but they don’t must carry a massive price tag. No, that is certainly not the way the song goes, but you should take into account where you’re going-the climate, the length of your journey, the seasons you anticipate utilizing the tent. So now you’ve got all the crucial components for picking a tent! However, even if you are able to purchase the perfect Coleman tent for you and also your family (or friends), it might nonetheless be possible you have a tough time getting an excellent night sleep.

Finding the ideal tent for your subsequent camping adventure doesn’t need to be a difficult and time-consuming practice. In addition, There are larger tents, which you might like to consider should you be traveling with a household or plan to spend more hours within the tent. I will provide you with some tips on what tent to purchase that is fantastic for your camping date. This will provide you with an idea about what kind of terrain you are going to set your tent up on.

Picking a tent that is suitable for your style ( this buying guide might help you), demands, and locations can become a fun task. Whatever sort of tent you pick, just make certain that it fits your requirements and certainly will supply the comfort and protection you’ll need on an outdoors trip. Obviously, it will help to understand what kind of terrain you’re going to be camping in before you select a tent. Make sure to have purchased the very best form of tent to fit your needs prior to going camping.

If you’re interested in a 6 person dome tent, it is vital to comprehend that it means that six people are going to be able to sleep within the tent. Simply stick with these easy guidelines and you would have the capacity to begin enjoying the outdoors and also the comfort and protection a quality tent can offer. Ensure your tent offers shelter from the elements and is created from a fire-retardant material-think of all heaters or fire you might need to begin whether the evening gets cool. A great tent is intended to help you to stay dry and warm in addition to keeping biting insects away.